Workgroup “Strong Women”

Translation by Steven Allen

This workgroup started during our municipal election campaign 2021. An important campaign issue with the headline “Integration – Friendship, Language and Values”.  

With values we mean the same rights and chances for everybody, men and women, immigrants and long-time citizens, young and old, and everyone else.

Our candidates Yakeline, Helena, Magda und Annette campaigned this and were elected.

The Offenbach Pirates stand behind this ideal. We want to honor our campaign promise. The workgroup “Strong Women” will fight for the rights and chances of all, in particular women from patriarchal lead families.

We hope that our work will lead to presenting motions to the municipal council.

We invite anybody that’s interested to join us, including people from other parties or without a party membership.

Please feel free to contact us!  At the moment we meet on a sporadic basis, after agreement.